Python was designed to be a readable powerful programming language. It is an interpreted language written in C. The Python project was initiated and named by Guido Von Rossum in the early 1990 who was fond of the BBC show “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.

Python2.x or Python3.x ?

The interpreter and the extensive standard libraries are available at : you can download the latest version or specific releases of Python.

Depending on different aspects you may download the 2.x or 3.x version of Python.

Different aspects to consider in choosing Python 2.x

  1. Excellent community support: in use for more than 15 years
  2. A large number of modules work only on 2.x versions.
  3. For specific applications with high reliance on external modules

Different aspects to consider in starting with Python 3.x

  1. Present and future of the language
  2. Released stable versions for past 5 years
  3. All recent standard library improvements only available in Python 3.x

For more information, you should refer to web site:

Refer to to see what is new in Python 3.x

Installing python and a working environment


Integrated Development Environment:

Python distribution: it exists many distributions for installing Python. Distributions come with inbuilt packages (libraries) and Integrated Development Environment (IDE). They set the computing environment for us.

Many alternatives to install Python

To learn Python, you can either choose to:


For this tutorial it could be convenient to install the Python distribution Anaconda from is one of the leading open data science platform. On a linux system, refer to

It is an easy-to-install package which includes everything you need to build data science application:

Note that if you are running out of time or disk space for the entire anaconda distribution, you can install Miniconda which contains only conda and Python from [] ( Then you will need to install the individual packages (libraries) you want through the conda command.

Note that with conda, you can create, export, list, remove, and update environments that have different versions of Python and/or packages installed in them.

For more information about distributions and IDE refer to the following section.

Many other Distributions

Depending on the purpose of your applications, many distributions exist. TODO to develop

Free Integrated Development Environment

Python distributions come with in-built IDE but you can chose a specific IDE of your choice aside to the default installed IDE. TODO develop